We want our money back

We are not talking about the economic crisis because this is the topic in fashion. We are doing it because we don’t want to refund capitalism. We want our money back.

That is why we’ve loaded this web page with various tools that we have collectively collected and created to help us understanding the crisis and even perhaps, acting upon.
Use them, share them and spread them!

Being widely announced, the current crisis can’t have taken anyone by surprise. We’ve been talking about financial speculation and the housing market bubble for years. On 2006 thousands of citizens were protesting in the streets under the slogan “You won’t have a house in your fucking life”. They took the streets waving yellow balloons representing the bubble about to explode. That was three years ago and no improvement has been made. Politicians are stuck on their economic development discourses and being proud of the wealth generated by the economic system…

It is urgent to demystify some myths like “it is necessary to give more money to the banks” (Why? If they have already kept it all!) “Lets help the housing market” (Why? If there’s now more empty houses than ever and still, myself I am in a very unstable situation!) “We must work more to increase consumption more and more”… And there is many others like these ones!

Come in and have a look!